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Conventional Mining

Open cut and underground mining have been the mainstay of the resource industry within Australia and worldwide for many years.

However both come with well recognised risks of high costs, high environmental impact, large footprint and difficulty in rehabilitation, amongst many more issues.



InSitu Recovery Technology 

ISR accelerates what is already happening naturally within the bedrock and water table, as often seen in abandoned mines.

ISR is a high volume, low pressure bulk mining method where metals are recovered through in-situ recovery (leaching).

A series of water bores connected via a grid of piping enables solutions that have moved through the bedrock, (dissolving the metals) to be brought to surface for mineral extraction.

Existing ion exchange technology can then be used to recover the dissolved metals from the recovered solution.


"New application of existing technology"


ISR technology has been used in the Phosphate and Uranium Industry since the 1970's in the USA, Europe as well as here in Australia.

However, with recent Australian research into environmentally benign lixiviant technology, this now enables the application of ISR to other metals.





InSitu Recovery (ISR) has substantial benefits over conventional mining in its ability to deliver a lower cost method for mineral extraction in the right geological setting





Insitu Recovery has the potential to be a game changer in the mining industry with the innovative recovery of gold and copper using relatively benign solutions

The ISR Process